Tobi Engineering Structural Bearings Help Keep Traffic Moving In The Windy City

One of the nation’s most trusted resources, serving its valued customers since 1973. Tobi is a major supplier of structural bearings for North America and beyond.

Tobi is a family-owned business started by Tom Bissell and continues to operate today under the leadership of his daughter.

We are AISC certified and consistently meet or exceed AASHTO industry standards.

Structural Bearing Architectural Applications

Architectural Applications

Cross Beam & Girder Slip Joints
Roof Slabs & Corbels
Vibration Pads
Airport Hanger Doors & Joints

Structural Bearing Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

Petrochemical Equipment & Pipeline Support Systems
Power Plants
Heavy Machinery
Hydroelectric Plants
Marine Applications
Conveyor Systems & More

Structural Bearing Bridge Applications

Bridge Applications

Highway Bridges
Railroad Bridges
Ramps & Approaches

  • Standard Line Bearings
  • Highway Bearings
  • Pipe Support Systems
  • Fabric Bearings
  • HLMR Pot and Disc Bearings
  • Neoprene Fabric Pads
  • Small End Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Custom Bearing and Bearing Pad Solutions

Some of the Projects Tobi Engineering has participated in are as follows:

Soldier Field

Chicago, IL

Milwaukee Zoo Interchange Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Zoo Interchange

Milwaukee, WI

Olympic Tower Atlanta, GA

Olympic Torch Tower

Atlanta, GA

Allstate Arena Rosemont, IL

Allstate Arena

Rosemont, IL


Standard Bearings

Elastometric materials in standard bearing compounds meet AAHSTO specifications. They are 100% virgin polyisoprene (natural rubber) or 100% virgin chloroprene (neoprene). Steel plates meet AISC standards.

Weather Resistance

Our bearing pads are completely unaffected in outdoor exposure to weather and have less than 0.1% moisture absorption in repeated tests. Icy conditions have no impact on the bearing pads.

Low Co-Efficient of Friction

The static coefficient of friction in our standard bearings is even lower than the dynamic value. At high loads, greater than 500 psi, and low velocities. Our bearing pads have lower friction than any other solid material; including graphite and molybdenum disulfide.

Chemical Resistance

Our bearing pads are resistant to nearly all chemicals and solvents. The few exceptions include metallic sodium and other alkali metals, fluorine and related compounds and certain halogenated compounds at elevated temperatures and pressures.