At Tobi Engineering, we’re proud that we’ve upheld our family legacy of quality, leadership and innovation in the bearing business and that we’ve kept our promise to customers like you.

We have continued to meet our clients’ needs for structural bearing quality and performance. It is this commitment that has made Tobi a known and trusted resource and why clients rely on us for the production of Bearing Pads, Elastomeric Bearings with and without steel plates, High Load Multi-Rotational Bearings (Pot and Disc Bearings), and Steel Fixed Rocker Bearings.

Tobi has been dedicated to making the best bridge bearings in the industry, extending the tradition of excellence across a line of elastomeric bearing pads (with and without steel plates) as well as High Load Multi-Rotational Bearings (Pot and Disc Bearings) and Rocker Bearings.

Every Tobi Engineering team member is committed to meeting or exceeding all industry standards.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Standard Bearings

Elastomeric materials in standard bearing compounds meet AAHSTO specifications. They are 100% virgin polyisoprene (natural rubber) or 100% virgin chloroprene (neoprene). Steel plates meet AISC standards.

Weather Resistance

Our bearing pads are completely unaffected by exposure to weather and have less than 0.1% moisture absorption in repeated tests. Icy conditions have no impact on the bearing pads.

Low Co-Efficient of Friction

The static coefficient of friction in our standard bearings is even lower than the dynamic value. At high loads, greater than 500 psi, and low velocities. Our bearing pads have lower friction than any other solid material; including graphite and molybdenum disulfide.

Chemical Resistance

Our bearing pads are resistant to nearly all chemicals and solvents. The few exceptions include metallic sodium and other alkali metals, fluorine and related compounds and certain halogenated compounds at elevated temperatures and pressures.

Tobi has perfected our processes effectively cutting time and waste from production and delivery. Our new facility has expanded our capacity ensuring our ability to meet any size order and offer the most competitive prices.

]Tobi is committed to meeting your scheduling needs and will deliver partial orders in line with your project needs.

Service and Support That Has Defined Our Success
Tobi is invested in providing excellent service and support resulting in unparalleled customer satisfaction.